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Decentralized gaming blockchain, which will allow any player to earn in the gaming industry. Totum allows you to turn any internal logic of a browser, online or mobile game into a liquid crypto tool.

We are a group of like-minded people coming from different fields of activity, united by a single goal - to build a universal "win-win" product for the gaming industry, which will allow all subjects of the gaming industry to develop and earn.
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For players
  • Why not monetize your time and game activity?
    Totum allows you to turn the game balance into a real liquid cryptocurrency
  • Why not transfer your game balance from one game to another without losing time and money?
    Totum allows users to exchange their accumulated currency in their backoffice between games- the participants of the Totum’s ecosystem
For game publishers / developers
  • Why not increase cashflow and monetize the game by increasing the number of users who pay?
    Totum allows you to adopt any game logic on the terms of a Smart contract, the operation of which is supported by the TOTUM blockchain miners, turning any gaming balance into a real crypto currency through one integration with our system
  • Why not use all the possibilities of blockchain to earn on your own crypto currency, protected from volatility and transactional losses of ETH / BTC ecosystems?
    Totum is not exposed to the volatility of the traditional Bitcoin / Ethereum ecosystem, as it is an industrial solution and is regulated solely by the gaming market

TOTUM-win for those who play


The creation of a single blockchain ecosystem will allow to unite a large amount of online games and make the process of converting game coins accessible and efficient- by using an internal Totum exchange platform


Now you do not just play your favourite game, but you also turn your playing time into a liquid crypto asset


We know you like to play. Especially for you, we give an opportunity not just to withdraw the game currency to the external exchange, but also convert one game balance into another game of the Totum’s ecosystem through the internal exchange


Since the currency is decentralized and there is a secure mining mechanism, there are no options for hacking, interception or penetration into your personal data




Monetization of any game logic at the expense of internal game balance payout to the crypto currency. You set the withdrawal amount yourself, we only take 30% to pay for miners’ work in Totum


Innovative ability to monetize the gaming time increases the number of interested players in a geometric progression. According to our poll among gamers (230 people, geography - Russia, Ukraine, Spain, China), 83% of respondents would start playing a new game if they had the opportunity to monetize their playing time


Our goal is a convenient interface for creating and testing the Totum - contract in the developer's Totum backoffice, ready APIs and technical documentation. Only one external integration with Totum’s blockchain will not disrupt its own game ecosystem and make the fastest possible way out into the crypto currency world


Only your own game logic, your rules and your name. We are only convenient, protected from the volatility and transaction losses of traditional blockchain systems ETH / BTC instrument for your success

It is profitable to work with us


Absence of a mining limit

Absence of a limit means stimulation of the currency to constantly rise in price and become even more attractive to invest in


You do not have to worry about it - all personal information will remain safe and secure, and you will be able to focus on the key aspects, such as your earnings

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Our team

Vadim Cherepanov
Co-founder, CEO
Coordination and creation of online platforms aimed at gaming and investment activities. Experience in entrepreneurship for more than 10 years. Active work in the field of cryptocurrency market has been conducted since 2012
[email protected]
Ivan Chernoshtan
Co-founder, Marketing director
Development of global marketing strategies, market analysis, coordination and management of marketing and sales departments. Experience in the leading positions of the largest retail chains for more than 13 years
[email protected]
Alexander Russell Peach
Director of New Markets Development
Oversee the development and execution of promotional and recruitment shows and events. Operations director for an English training center for 8 years. Fluent in 3 languages (English, Putonghua, Cantonese).
[email protected]
David Williams Boateng
Regional Marketing Manager (West Africa)
In charge of Totum business promoting in the African market; strategy development and brand management in Africa.
[email protected]
Innovation and Blockchain Technology Director
Experience in financing and law. "Social Consulting "Paragraph" Director, «JCI Ukraine» International Organization President 2012.
[email protected]
Anton Rodionov
Director of the Public Relations Department
Coordination and development of PR strategies, key decision maker in promotion of investment projects. Fluency in three languages and professional communication skills
[email protected]
Game Show Founder, Play 2 Live CEO
Experience in esports exceeding 7 years. Founder of one of the largest eSports holdings in Russia and CIS - Game Show Media Holding. Work experience with major streaming platforms - Twitch.tv, Hitbox.tv, Azubu.tv, VK.com, OK.RU (Mail.ru Group Holding). Alexey held 35 eSports tournaments in total including intercontinental esports showmatches
Andrew Boyko
Programming, design of databases, network infrastructures. Successful development of more than 10 software projects in the US, Ukraine, Russia, China. Development of highly loaded projects since 2014
[email protected]
Margo Trofimova
Community & SMM Manager
Development of brand awareness and online reputation, maintaining customer relationships, able to communicate in three languages
[email protected]